Club History

The original application for charter club membership # 552 was done on May 31, 1995, by R.E. Gardner from Oshawa.  The names of the 5 original members were Tom Ledwick, Bob Gardner, Russ Morrow, Peter Cowan and Ralph Frederick.  The club has grown in members over the years and presently averages around 28 members.  Some of the new kids on the block that have joined have stepped up to help run the club and we also have our ever faithful long time members that pitch in and help us new guys out.  This website was originally developed in 2010 by Paul Whiteman when he took over club responsibilities as President.  Working to advance the club’s presence and make the flying field top notch for the next 4 years with a great bunch of guys became a passion.  Passing the reigns on to Bob King in 2015 for some new blood ideas and then Richard Hagg in 2017 the club continued to be one of the “go too’s” in the Peterborough area.

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If you have additional historical information on our club that you would like to share please contact the Webmaster.