If ONE Crash or Accident can be avoided by just Turning OFF Bluetooth Devices at RC Events, then this is a Good Idea, and should be Enforced.

Why the 2.4 GHz band has Bluetooth, RC, portable phones, and broad band security cameras, I will never know. This seems to be a BIG MESS, and the RC people get the choice to live with it or go back to 72 MHz. I use a 16 channel Bluetooth Transmitter in the house a stereo receiver + BT Ear Bud + 2 wireless mice + a phone and a X10 4 camera security monitor, all on 2.4 Ghz. Thank God I do NOT Fly Planes in the House !!!!!!!! The house has a RF shield of screen mesh in the walls, old stucco backing 1″x1/2″ diamond, and aluminum siding on the back. Not much RF gets out or in ! TV and radio signals are poor in the house too. I have had problems with binding and control of 2.4 GHz RC equipment in the house, but never at the Flying Fields. My cell phone can transmit to a Bluetooth Ear Bud that transmits back to the phone on 2.402 GHz to 2.480 GHz up to 10 meters. I make sure this is turned off when I am at a RC field or RC event. The cell phone its self should not cause problems with any RC equipment, if the Bluetooth is off. My Frequency Scanner seems to show this to be true as well, in North America. Not all Countries have the same areas for channels on the Spektrum.